Stupid HCM-450 Question

How loud should it be when it is running. Just went to look at a Hobart hcm-450, it ran a little louder then I was thinking it would be. This is the first one I saw running , they want $2000.00 for it. I know it’s a stupid question but I don’t need a chopper with a bad bearing.What

It should sound like a motor turning very fast, no rattle or any of that. Of course, if you’ve got something IN there, then the cheese, etc can be noisy, but that’s not bearings, that’s crap getting knocked around. In short, it sounds like the unit is not in great shape. If the attachment is out of balance, or the shaft is bent, then it could pre-maturely wear the bearings out. The motors are strong and quiet. Also, make sure you know the voltage and phases. I think they’re all 3 phase, but there may be one that uses above 220v (not sure). I remember pulling out a 440v piece of equipment, but I THINK that was the oven.

In short, keep looking. $2k for one of these is higher than you should expect to pay at an auction for one that appears to be in good condition.

I have use the 450’s for almost 20 years. Noise is the bearings. Its only about $100 in parts but probably $500 to $1000 in labor from Hobart because they have to take the entire thing apart to replace the bearings.


The noise was like the machine was a little to tight, so the first thing I thought of was the bearings.I dont know how long the machine was sitting around.The blade looked good.Thanks for the help. What

The top bearing can be purchased locally for less than $30. (At least I think that’s what I paid for the last one.)

They’re kind of a pain to replace because there’s quite a bit of disassembly required (the bowl must be removed) and the bearing must be pressed off the shaft. I’ve done it twice in 14 years, and it’s making noise again, though there’s no shaft play whatsoever yet, so I might be doing it a 3rd time.

The key to bearing life is to prevent any liquids from penetrating the shaft/bowl seal.

They have a 3 phase, 5 hp motor which can be wired for either 240 or 480 volts, and the knife blades were $168/ea the last time I priced them.