Sub roll baking pans

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what to use for making sub rolls? I’ve searched some of the equipment sites but I’m just not using the right keywords. I’d like something that is made for this purpose… anyone?

You can use two types of pans when making sub rolls. One is nothing more than a regular aluminum (18 X 26) sheet pan. The other is referr3ed to as a “hoagie” pan. This is also a type of sheet pan but it is made from steel and it has indentations (cups) in the bottom of the pan to hold the individual buns. You can purchase these pans from any used BAKERY EQUIPMENT company such as R.T. Bundy (937-652-2151). If you have a choice, buy then as reconditioned, they will be better than “used/as is” and a lot cheaper than new.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor