SUB roll forming trays

I know this may sound strange to most of the readers…but I cannot buy a good subroll for my pizzeria. I am overseas in Asia and the bread products here are not comparable with what I am used to in the states and want in my store.

I have found a great recipe for the rolls but my problem is forming and shaping the rolls for uniformity. They taste great but no two are alike. When I proof them they are soft and not easy to transfer to the baking racks and thus become distorted and mis-shapen…I DO NOT have a baking history so I am not sure if there is such a thing as a tray with which one proofs in to form the standard shape? (like in subway) Any insight would be great.


I roll my sub rolls and then place them on the baking pan with light oil and light cornmeal to proof, and then straight to the oven. I dont ever move them after proofing.