sub rolls

Do to labor intensive reasons I would like to switch from sub rolls made from scratch daily to pre made sub rolls any sugestions vendor wise? I make a 10" sub roll, I sell a whole or half, on average we sell 50 halfs and 20 wholes a day. The chalange for me is cold storage.

the brand I use is JTM. not sure if they have a 10" or not but customers really like them and can be frozen or fridg stored. I use the 8" 72 count runs about $23. GFS and Sysco both carry them. they are par baked. hope that helps

We’re using an 8" sub-roll from Vie De France that has been amazing for us. We’ll serve our Italian Beef, Meat Ball, and our cold sandwiches on it with no trouble with the bun soaking and not holding up. They come par-baked, we stock them in the walk-in cooler and bake down a tray as needed in our XLT. We picked up some clear plastic tubs with tight fitting lids from SAMS and use those to hold the sliced buns in when cooled. Price wise, we’re paying in the low $20’s for the case of 66 rolls.

Are you using the milano or the french sub roll?

We used the Milanos at one point. I think they are “ok”. The bread does not have good flavor so something like a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato comes out pretty bland. They make a much better sandwich with high flavor ingredients like a meatball or something with peppers and cheese.

We are an Amoroso rolls shop. Come in frozen, 10 6-count bags. The toast up soft & tender, with a crackly crust. I personally get the 12" sliced hoagies, and quality control is usually very good. Not a lot of length variation. They also sell a wide range of other stuff see here[/url]. They also have a [url=]distributor locator link to find the guys to get you samples and pricing.

Just a thought…not knowing where you are at or how large a town…but do you have any local shops that could make them for you a couple days a week? Probably not as much of a cost savings as the larger suppliers but might end up with a better end product.

@fratellis…we’re also using the Milano. As for taste, we do really well with them. With the Italian Beef & Meat Ball subs we use a garlic butter and toast them. For our others its’ unsalted butter, then toasted. As for flavor, we’ve truthfully never had any comments other than compliments on them actually. I’ve got a couple of folks that we’ll sell a dozen or so at a time to even for their home use. I agree that if you have the option, a local artisan bakery would be a great thing. We looked a couple in a neighboring town, but even they couldn’t provide what we were satisfied with and either would have meant a daily 65 mile RT to supply our needs making for one very expensive bun.

Thanks for all the info, much appreciated…