Sub Rolls


I make my sub rolls daily in house from scratch 10" 8oz and it has become cost prohibited. Im looking for an outside source what brand do you use?

I currently use Turano brand, But the quality I have seen this last year has been very inconsistent. The size varies wildly, how deep they are cut has been ridiculous, some are left with no hinge on them at all.
I have also tried Gonella, I love their rolls if gotten near their bakery, but what I get in frozen form is not all that palatable compared to fresh they just fall apart right after thawing.

I have also tried Rotella, their consistency is great, the depth of the slice is good, but they are a bit heavy and dense for what we typically use them for, and the seem to fall apart under pressure from moist hot chopped brisket and giardiniera being loaded into them.

All three are available through my Sysco house, your mileage may vary.

Maybe a par-baked frozen product from Vie De France would meet your needs midway? get them in frozen, bake as needed with no proofing needed, ask a distributor for some samples and cost them out per piece and the lesser labor needed to finish them.

I hope this helps

im not sure were you are. but i would look to local bakers. their product is usually way better than the big guys and the one we use delivers right to our door. he is also a fraction of the price.

We use Cellone 8" buns and are pretty happy with them. Come in frozen and we thaw them. But all of our subs have to be toasted. I considered making our own just so we could offer cold subs. And because theres nothing like fresh bread on a sub. But our sales are so hard to predict, I get gun shy about it.