Sub toaster ovens

I am looking for recommendations on a counter top toaster oven that either has multiple racks, or can be stacked, to use for toasting our subs. Currently we run the subs through our oven but are trying to streamline our process by making it more compartmentalized to the sub line, to avoid a lot of back and forth.

I was looking at a salamander for this. They also have table top impinger ovens

Im in the EXACT same boat, i was looking at this one but havent pulled the trigger

I cant use a convection oven bc of space issues this one seemed to be the most beneficial for our workflow, i havent purchased it yet bc ai have a graveyard of tried equipment that just doesn’t work in our store

I think subway uses a turbochef tornado. They may have switched brands, but I’m pretty sure it’s what they used to use.

I just had lunch at Subway today, they do indeed use a turbochef tornado, its seemingly perfect except theyre always having issues with it. This is anecdotal but it still gives me pause and theyre really expensive.
Subway as a restaurant needs a major overhaul

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I got one a couple weeks ago. It felt like I was eating a water sandwich. Overhaul is Euphemism. :grinning:

I just bought a Lincoln 1300_PO from for cheese stick and sandwiches. I put it on top of my ovens. It is a little high and harder for us short people to reach. It definitely helps speed up the process.

I’m considering a TurboChef oven. A local restaurant supply has a used one I may try out.

I haven’t heard of any operators have issues with them. Maybe that Subway was unique. I can’t imagine with all the big chains that they are in that they would not be dependable.

In my state we cannot use any type of oven without installing a hood as well so that is out.

A few years ago I demo’d the Turbochef and thought it did a pretty good job. “Water sandwich?” I would imagine you just need to do some tweaking. I didn’t go through with it at the time because I couldn’t make sense of it but after seeing this post I may have to give this a shot again. Labor is so bad right now I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make things easier.

We use the Holman Star 214HX 36" Miniveyor Electric Conveyor Oven
Used these for about 8 years now
replace one bulb so far
they just work perfect for grinders and garlic bread