Subway pizza by you ?

Is Subway selling pizza in your area ?
They started here in Quartzsite, AZ at one of the two Subways, then dropped it after about 3 weeks.
Both have started back with it now.

I have one 2 doors down from me and they still have it.

…can you tell if those Subway pizzas are helping you any ?
…I would think being so close to s sub shop would help in general.
the 2 Subways in my town are on the other side of town, both in truck stops, open 24 hours a day.

Quiznos is now marketing a “flatbread sandwich” which is like a pizza.

They have it here in WV. Tried it a couple of times. I have them put a little extra sauce on it…not the worst that I have had. Not good mind you, but compared to some of the other pizza shops in town, its not that bad.

Yes, i do get some business because of them. Once I open my dining room, I will take a lot more :twisted: