Subway pizza, too good to last

sure enough, the Subway in Quartzsite, AZ has already dropped their pizza…it was so bad, that it was driving business to my pizzeria…well, too good to last I guess !
Otis :frowning:

PS…I may have been in a test market and maybe they will try again with another pizza at another price point or something…
I thought the frozen pizza and “nuking” it was really out of their character with their “fresh” concept…
Otis :frowning:

over time they willl probably drop the whole thing…its very tough (no matter how good a product is)…to sell something outside your customers mindset…
and of course if its bad…fughetaboutit!


Hi guys;

Subway is another bunch of empty suits making decisions about something of which they know nothing.

It also points out how slick salesmen with a completely unproven oven can pull the empty suits in
The Turbo Bake or whatever they are called ovens, are a repeat of the Flash Bake fiasco. I had a call last week from a company trying to dump 50 of them.

Why these dummies think they can revolutionize the pizza industry using a hooky boo imitation of a pizza oven is beyond comprehension.

Any idiot can make a sandwich, that requires no skills. They are way out of their depth trying to bake pizza. Looks like they will choke on their efforts.

George Mills

I wouldn’t “dis” the oven…it is pretty interesting…maybe not the best pizza oven, but it has some merit…

Never really used the Flash Bake…another interesting oven…

But the most useful oven like those was made by Peerless…some LC’s used them in their K-Mart days…it had a brick deck & controllable quartz lights…made a great back-up oven & did a decent job reheating slices & finishing subs…you could even produce a decent 18" pie w/the right programing, but it was not much faster than a traditional deck oven…

I spoke w/them several months ago…seems like the were going to revamp that oven & re-introduce it…

Any idiot can make a pizza too if you are just “assembling” which a lot of places do anyway… purchased frozen dough, prepared canned sauce, cheese and toppings… wow took skill to do that. :slight_smile: won’t be “good” though.

It takes skills to make anything good if you are actually making something, not just assembling ingredients… either way, no one ever accused subway of making a good sandwich to begin with…

  • aba

No but they are very successful at MARKETING, same as Domino’s, PH, Maccas etc.

All their products are sh1t but they get the masses through the door with good marketing. Got a concept and got a beleivable message that appeals to a markets - normally impressional kids who put the presure on the parents.

Oh to have 5% of their advertising budget :cry: