Subway pizza

Heads up guys:
This will probably be second rate pizza but with that many shops they will be some kind of factor.
Subway plans to face off against pizza chains
Pizza operators are taking notice of competition entering the pizza marketplace, including Subway’s plans to offer 8-inch personal pizzas in about 13,000 stores nationwide. However, some say the impact might be overblown, as Subway’s pizza rollout is geared toward individual customers while pizzerias focus on takeout, delivery and family-occasion group dining, an industry analyst said.
George Mills

Yeah - heard about this.
I don’t even like their subs…
But if Subway is a “player” in your area for catering, or lots of lunch business, then it could steal a few people. Maybe if you are doing individual pies or slices at lunch and they’re right nearby. I doubt it will be a big factor for many though.

This fits into my theory: Don’t buy tacos at a fish place.

Pizza from a sandwich chain promises a challenge in quality and identity.

This has been in the makomg for about 2 years. Coca cola made subway a deal that if they switched over all their stores and left pepsi that they would install turbo chef ovens in all of thier stores which would enable them to bake pizzas. Pepsi really got the boot on this one.

my store is directly next to a subway. I took subs off my menu and they put my menus by their checkout! Since we don’t compete with them they are totally cool to us. They sell about 2 or 3 of the personal pizzas a day they said. But I couldn’t make a pie in 2 minutes and it really is a pretty poor pizza. Crust is awful!

What this say to me is that the SUBWAY chain is hurting so much from the Quiznos intrusion that they need to diversify there product base to grab more of the total market-share.

This is reminiscent of McDonald’s attempt to enter the Pizza market a few years ago. I wonder if Coke made the same deal with McD’s.

Does McDonald’s still make pizza’s, I don’t think so.

I wonder where Coca Cola got all those Turbo Chef Ovens? Hmmmmmmmmmm!(ponders that one)

I guess like Little Caesars if the price is right, it doesn’t matter how terrible the product is, someone will buy it. I mean look at the frozen pizza market. My local grocery sells 14" frozen pizza’s all the time for 99 cents. (Usually a great product for those young college students to sober up with at 4 am).

I am not worried about SUBWAY entering the pizza market. I am more worried about McDonald’s entering the DELIVERY MARKET!
Check it out!

[size=7] :shock: [/size]

They tried that here but have you ever eaten McD’s 15 minutes after it left the store?

Yeah, I have found if you don’t eat the fires, and burger within say 5 minutes after you get it all the food dries up, and becomes hard like a cookie.

However, again if your in the catering business, or you get allot of large party orders for pizza, here is another mega competitor, like frickin Q’doba (a subsidiary of Jack In The Box).

The Subways in my area all offer the pizzas already, The are better then the pizzas from gas stations, like Piccadilly, but still pretty bad. I would worry about them at all.

I am getting ready to open up in a town with four other Pizza restaurants (not including a subway). So far I have tried three out of the four actual restaurants and I have to say that Subway has the best Pizza in town :shock: …until I open :lol: Found out some other good news just the other day…one of the four has been sold and is becoming a steak and ribs joint. 8)

But what if I’m a big fan of fish tacos? Mmmmm… fish tacos.

“Subway: Eat Fresh… and Deep Dish Pizza!” So much for focus.

Subway will have to “pull a rabbit out of the hat” if they make a good pizza in the Turbo oven…
I think it can be done, such a different program on tha oven than what they normally use it for.
Ironically, I am in a small town with a subway at 2 truck stops.
coincidentally, I have an 8" pizza on my menu.
I’ll have to check out the Subway’s pizza,

I agree, just had their pizza, pretty poor, and over priced…at almost any price…
I would think they could do better, good for us they do not

And that’s not McD’s entering the delivery market - that’s Delivery-dot-com offering to deliver McD’s to you. That’s different. McD’s isn’t going to staff drivers, I don’t think - even in major metros…

The owner of the 4 McD in my city is a very regular customer of mine. I ask him the other day if there were any plans to do delivery and his response was much the same as mine. “Our food doesn’t travel too well. It is meant to be eaten right off the grill.”

The delivery service I use offers the option to customers that want McD’s delivered but they only do about 1 order a week from each of the burger places in town. The owner of the delivery service said his money is in pizza, beer, Chinese and smokes in that order.

the pizza should come out better in the turbo oven… 2 minute bake pies are always better than 10+ minute. it’s just their ingredients probably stink and they don’t know how to make pizza. i was trying to find one of those turbo ovens on ebay to try for a while after i saw them in a subway once. :twisted:

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I can do you one better. Dunkin’ Donuts is selling pizza now. Yes I said Dunkin’ Donuts! They are selling a 6" pizza. It is horrible but they sell about 20 to 30 a day. They are also offering flatbread sandwiches. Everyone is trying to appeal to the broadest possible audience. I am getting a Lobster tank and espresso machine. The donut fryer is coming Thursday and soft serve ice cream is due in on Tuesday. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on Sushi equipment?

You may laugh, but I already have one ‘fusion’ item on the mneu and planning more. We have a PIZZADILLA that is my rendition of a pepperoni quesadilla with a pizza dipping sauce. It is popular with some folks, and a nice little appetizer add-on. We will be finding more such things to fuse into our hometown feel and Mediterranean menu.

there are 2 Subways near me
their subs are pretty good, lots of variety and people generally like them, I do not think that will be true of there pizzas,

I had one with several of the n/c toppings on them, you can get all the n/c toppings for the subs on your pizza at n/c, free, meats are charged 50 cents or a dollar…
well, ordered on and they reached back in a top loading, sub-0 freezer and pulled out an 8" white puck in a sealed plastic pouch…I started getting bad feelings about this pizza…they tossed into the Turbo-Chef and 2 minutes latter pulled out this goey disc that looked the same on both sides. Can you imagine the reaction if they did their subs that way ?

the clerk got it right, cheese side up. It looked so pathetic, I decided to get some topping instead of my usual cheese pizza I get at new places…
glad I did, they cut it 6 ways and I had one little bitty finger slice.
The dough was a awful goey mess, no brown anywhere, some yellow specks on the bottum where the Turbo-Chef did it’s thing,
ate the toppings, the best part, and tasted the cheese, it was not all cheese and I was very disappointed
Sub-way 8" pizza is $3.99, my 8" is $3.39…
great idea for a company with good products to come out with something new; I see they quietly pull that turkey off there menu soon,
…maybe a pizza sub would be better for them…
I do not think they will get Garrett out saying anything about this pizza…
I’ll be surprised if they still have pizza this time next year.
remember the McD pizza !
hope this helps,