"SUBWAY-type" rolls

This is a 2- part question:

I am in Taiwan and I need to find rolls for my Pizzeria Sub sandwiches. Now, I know that SUBWAY imports their dough frozen from New Zealand and proofs and bakes in their individual stores to keep the consistency. I cannot find any bakeries here that can replicate this roll. They try but the breads here are quite different in texture and consistency.

QUESTION #1…Does anyone know of a recipe for such a roll? I have tried french bread, I have tried making dough out of my pizza dough by adding more oil and I have tried white bread, BUT nothing like what I need.

QUESTION #2…Does anyone know of an importing company of such rolls to Taiwan? We are one store now but will be 5 stores within 2 years and growing from there quickly.

Thank You

I am not sure but I think part of the texture secret at Subway is to over-proof the bread so that it is very light and airy. Also cuts down costs when you make a large diameter loaf of bread out of a dough stick barely the size of a cigar.

yes, Mike. I have seen the SUBWAY frozen dough and it literally is the size of a cigar (about 10") and they have the proofer.
I am willing to buy a proofer and oven , just can’t find the dough product. I will try the recipe I found in the recipe bank on here and let everyone know how it works. I am looking for that “airy” texture.
thanks for the imput.

If anyone else has ideas please reply, my pizzeria is opening mid-december and I don’t want to 86 the subs.

This story is from many years ago, and I figure Subway has changed vendors at least once since then, but…

You don’t want one fresh out of the oven. They don’t have the texture and “feel” that you’ve come to expect. I got one that was fresh out of the oven and it was more of a “crusty roll” than anything else. I think the secret is actually post-bake. If you go into one of their stores, you’ll see that they put the bread on a rack, covered with a plastic/vinyl cover. They come out of the oven and steam each other in that covered area. That turns the top from being a very crispy texture to the softer crust you’ve come to expect from them.

Please go to the RECIPE BANK. I have a formula and procedure for a hoagie bun in there that should work for you. To make it into a "wheat dough just replace 25% of the white flour with whole wheat flour. You also have an excellent baking school in Taiwan that I am sure should be able to help you. I know for fact that they make all types of U.S. breads and rolls as part of their student training so they might be able to direct you to someone locally that can make the breads for you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

It seems like Rich’s has some frozen dough already shaped out for a Subway type roll, you may want to give them a shot. Just let them really proof and you should be pretty close.

I am in a franchise (not subway) and we used to use a 9oz hoagie roll from Wenner bread. I actually have the silform trays that subway uses and they turned out almost indentical to Subways subs.

The “secret” if you can even call it that, is the bread forms themselfs. They force the bread to rise out of the pan and make the top of the bread larger. As far as post baking goes, you allow them to cool (about 1-2 hours) and then remove from the silform and wrap trays with plastic wrap.