Subways doing Pizza

Just noticed that subways doing pizza under the name of Mamma Delucas
How long have they been doing them?

There was an article on Subway adding pizza to their menu as far back as April 2007

They own that chain, unless they share the same headquaters

Maybe it’s regional, or up to each franchise but ours the ones in our area aren’t selling them, or at least not advertising them anymore. Frankly the only worse pizza out there was when McDonald’s tried them several years back.

No Subway have started a new franchise called Mamma Deluca’s Pizza
Google Mamma Pizza and check there locations all around Milford Haven, but check the contact address which is IN 46804
Then go to the bottom of there website and it has the copyright MDPizza LLC
Google MDPizza LLC, it will take you to this page … 93988.html
Look down the bottom and it will have the contact details of there lawyer

Jennifer A. Magyar
325 Bic Drive
Milford CT 06461

Google Subways
They are at the same address, I know I have been there