Subways Eggs... what are they?

Hey all,
Was wondering if anyone know what Subway uses for their eggs? I’m looking at starting breakfast for my sandwich shop but am wondering about how those powdered eggs would hold up and if they are what we should use?

We can not use a griddle or anything that needs to have a hood. So we were looking at just using a steam table to hold the hot contents. i.e. eggs, cooked sausage and bacon.

We already have subs, wraps and paninis (panini grill) so just adding these couple of items along with our meats should work out well.

Thoughts on the egg situation?

Thanks all!

You might try using the retort pouches of scrambled egg like the hotels use on their breakfast lines. Most any food supplier should have these. With this you can make a bag of scrambled eggs then portion out what you need for a sandwich and keep the rest hot in your steam trays.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

You can put fresh eggs in a clean deep dish pan and cook them in your oven.

Years ago we used to be open for breakfast in our #2 location. We scrambled eggs in oven. It worked great. We did a dozen or two at a time and used them both in a steam table and in burritos. We cooked chorizo sausage and breakfast potatos the same way.

I just can not imagine using anything other than real eggs cracked fresh when you need them…