sugar cookies!!

Ok, this may be a dumb question but I’ve never worked in a bakery …

I have a planetary hobart I mix my pizza dough in. I’d like to make cookie dough in it too. Can I use the dough hook that’s used for pizza dough or should I buy a different one for making cookie dough? If so, what kind. Thank you.


Holy Cow! how much cookies are you planning to make?

and yes, dough hook will work.

Just one cookie, but it’s a big one! I may need a bigger oven.

Actually, I have a pretty small hobart. We make 30 pounds of pizza dough at a time. I figured I could make a pretty large batch of cookie dough and then ball it up, freeze it and use it as I need it. Right now we go through about 20 lbs of cookie dough every 2 weeks.

Not for nothing, but that might be a great idea for someone to diversify a bit.

I would love to find a cookie recipe that I could cook through my conveyor oven at the same time and temp as my pizzas cook. 5:45 and 470 degrees. Anyone got any suggestions. Any store bought batter I try burns badly around the edges.


The favorite pizza place in town sells oversized cookies (about 5") for $2.00 each. They do a brisk business and I suspect the product cost is minimal. They are wrapped in cling wrap and in a basket. Nothing fancy.

That’s it, the testing start tomorrow!

I’ve used frozen cookies from Sam’s…defrost or frozen…place a dozen on parchment paper, on a 1/2 sheet pan or square deep dish pan…put 2 xl screen on top & run 'em thru the oven…come out a bit soft, but will finish enroute…

You’re going to need to get a flat beater to make your cookie dough with.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you Tom. You have been a great help and continue to be in my operation. I appreciate it.

To me if you are going to make cookies and want to use a conveyor oven, dont force the temperature setting, rather if you have a double stack use the lower unit, or if you have a single then do the cookie “cooking” before open at the PROPER temp.

The problem with cookie dough and high temp is that you bake the outside too fast and the middle is doughy and the bottoms get way too done.

You can bake a ton of cookies fast on a conveyor oven, just make them before you open and if you need more then use extra capacity.

Most of the great cookie makers use ovens like conveyor, meaning forced air (gas OR electric) and they put out a great product when time/temp is correct.

If you are selling a product then make it using the best specs and ingredients, just like you make with pizza.


And that’s exactly why I am not selling cookies. If I could come up with a recipe/procedure to cook them correctly at same time and temp as my pizza I would sell them. I have no desire to cook in the morning and sell in the evening, I want to cook to order, side by side with the pizza the customer ordered with the cookies. Till I can find that recipe/procedure, I’ll keep wishing.

I cook mine w/the pizza order…no complaints, but not a big seller either…

What’s the big deal with cooking at the same time? Are you just wanting them to be hot? Most folks can nuke them at home if they want that as cookies are not normally served hot. I would just cook them on the conveyor ahead of time and then wrap and ship. Make them special, though. Big chunks in the chocolate chip. Oversized cookies cut like a pizza. Whatever would separate them from the run-of-the-mill cookie. Advertise as Baked Fresh Daily and Made From Scratch.