Suggestions for Holding Pizzas for Large Events???

We just supplied 800 16" pizzas to an event this weekend for the second year in a row and my head is now spinning on how to improve the process.

We can only fit 12 at a time in our oven which means we can keep up in the “off” hours but once business picks up the oven becomes a real bottleneck. I know a lot of you have experience here in these big events and am interested as to what you can suggest.

I figure we need to get some type of holding cabinet to put them in to develop a buffer and need a suggestion here.

The pizzas start to stick to the inserts after a while and so need to put them on something that prevents this.

We currently reuse the pizza boxes with new inserts each time to save money. Is there a better alternative?

Looking at getting a rocker that slices the pizza into 8 slices all at once or a pizza guide for even slices. Anyone have an opinion here on these products? Seems to me it would also make sense to slice them at the event rather than at our store out of the oven since the cheese will cause the pizzas to have to be cut again anyway.

we do a summer concert, things we have learned

  1. we use a proofing cabinet as a holding unit
  2. we put wax paper between the inserts and the pizza