Suggestions for promoting coupons by text in store.

As I have alluded to before I have built a texting service specifically for Pizza restaurants called .

Because of the huge investment normally required we have made it a ‘pay per text’ without monthly fees. It relies on restaurants advertising their text number and using that as a route for sending coupons when customers request them – as opposed to the sometimes spam-risky services where customers subscribe to receive a regular offer.

I am putting together some guidelines and suggestions for stores to get their text code and number out there.

So far we have

Box toppers, fridge magnets, in store table toppers, POS receipts and door hangers.

Does anybody have any other suggestions that are commonly used?

If anybody has any feedback that would also be appreciated – it was well received at Pizza Expo (at the booth with all of the basketballs) which now seems months ago!!