suggestions on how to replicate NYC pizza sauce

I am not looking for an exact recipe, I am just wondering what main ingredients real NYC pizzerias use.

I have been using stanislaus FULL RED puree and FULL RED crushed tomatoes mixture then adding spices… and also ive been using just stanislaus saporito and adding spices.

Does anyone have information on what kinda base most NYC pizzerias use? What types of things go into traditional NYC sauce?

ive been adding black pepper, salt, garlic powder, and a little sugar to cut acidity. Am I on the wrong track ?

do you & your customers like your sauce? If so, then its perfect! Everyone in NYC has their own idea of what a sauce should be…

Don’t try to be something else, be YOU!

but & btw…I’ve begun using the Stanislaus “Tomato Magic” & their Dolce sauce…add some garlic & oil, spices, H20 etc - best sauce I’ve come across, for what its worth…