suggestions on keeping meat warm and moist.

got the new place open pizzas still doing well but bbq is sellin big time. heres what i got when i pull my pork we put in 5lbs bags and refrigerate it till needed we have steam table but its drying out the meat put a lttle water in pan helps some but need to get some kind of steam holder etc not sure what to get? or anyone have any ideas :?

Are you putting lids on them? The second suggestion is the cut the amount you are putting in there by a 1/3rd and see if that helps turn it over before it dries out.

I have a curved glass display case by Alto-Shaam…if a display is not your style, get a small Alto-Shaam warmer w/Halo-Heat & use hotel pans w/lids

dont shred till your gonna sell it and if u use bbq sauce keep sauce on it.

Put into 2 containers rather than 1 - the one you’re using, keep the lid on it - the backup one keep in the steam table and cover tightly with cling wrap, that will keep virtually 100% of the moisture inside until you’re ready to use.

you can use the dripping from cooking the pork creat a holding sauce that is not going to effect your desired flavore and keep your pork in that holding sauce

This is probably a stupid idea, but that doesn’t stop me :)… in Chinese restaurants, they use some sort of rice (steamer) to hold the rice on the buffets. If it works for rice, I’d think it might work for your purpose. It’s heated but there are no perforations in the tub that sits inside.

i keep mine refrigerated all the time and scoop it out to order and heat on the griddle and cover with a basting lid.
it only takes 15 - 20 seconds