Suggestions to a drawing?

Hey guys, I want to do some kind of drawing, and I was wondering if you guys could proof read this and/or offer suggestions. We’re having our grand opening on Thursday and I want to let as many people know about this drawing I want to have. I was thinking they could win a $250 gift card for our major (very major) mall in our area. Every pizza 12" or larger gets them a chance. Hopefully this give them initiatives to order often, and higher quantities of pizzas. What do you guys think? Am I leaving anything out? Should I add more stuff? I don’t want to overlook anything, and I’m usually not good at this kind of stuff. I’d hate to finalize it and find out there’s a loop hole or something. I’m a worrier, and I don’t want people complaining that they ordered 50 times didn’t win versus the guy that ordered only once and won, things like that. I’m thinking I’d draw on March 21st, and just pick a ticket out of a drum thingy.

It will read something like this:

********* MALL!!!

Every 12” Pizza or Larger automatically enters you for a chance to win. The more you order, the better chances to win!

Drawings will be held Saturday, March 21st to celebrate the first day of Spring!

Thanks guys! Really appreciate it.

I would check the regulations on this “l0ttery”. I know that in some areas when you require the purchase of a product in order to win a prize you must have a license for the “l0ttery”. I have done draws that as long as the person who entered the draw comes to the store to enter all is good with the gaming commission.

Is March 21st too long of a wait?

Steve rather than giving away a gift card that costs real cash, perhaps you can find something that will cost less but still have perceived value…And perhaps you can barter for it…See if you can take $250.00 and turn it into a bigger prize…Good luck…

Instead of producing entry tickets that can be stolen and filled out numerous times, have them fill out the back of their receipt when they order from you.

Steve, I have to echo what Daddio said… you’re going to be breaking the law here. Anytime you do something like this you need to have a “No Purchase Necessary” option. Otherwise you’re running a casino.

I also believe the law prohibits you from saying “The more you order, the better your chances to win”.

Like Nick always says, be sure to consult your attorney before doing this.

Edited to add: Here’s an article with some pointers:

Wow, definitely not the answers I expected to hear lol.

They’re already ordering the food… We’re not asking them to pay extra money to enter the drawing. Just the fact that they order gets them automatically entered. That’s illegal? Or just the fact that I said the more you order the better chances? We’re not making money off of it.

Thanks for the replies tho! Good to know now.

one thing, if you go ahead you really REALLY want to get email addresses

Contact this think tanker as her company sells scratch off cards for promotions and she is well versed with the legalities of the “no purchase neccesar” and all the other good stuff. she should be able to help. … ile&u=2290