suggestive sales contest

has anybody had any success with suggestive sales contests? i’ve been thinking about triing one. should i do teams? individually? and what about prizes, i was considering gas cards or the all mighty dollar.

We do one every week, and yes it has been fantastic. Each week we pick an upsell item from the menu. The prize starts at $20.00 for the first week. The winner is whomever has the highest ratio of contest item sales to pizza sales (in dollar terms). That makes it fair regardless if the person works 10 hours per week, 40 hours per week, counter, phone, etc. Even playing field.

The CSR’s compete against the managers. If a CSR wins the week, they get the money and the next week’s contest is $20.00 again. If a manager wins, the money rolls to the next week’s contest, so it’s for $40.00. If the prize gets to $100 and a manger wins again, the money goes to the cooks instead. It’s been a good way to get everyone involved in the action.

Winning $40 or $60 or even $20.00 is a lot for a part-time CSR and they work hard to get it. On the store side, the whole thing costs $1,040 per year. That’s pretty cheap to get them upselling on every order.

I tend to win about 50% of the time. The CSR’s are always asking me for tips on how to sell better and what my technique is so it’s a good way to train as well.

How do you track it?
I have a POS but if for example we want to upsell bread sticks how do I know the employee did an upsell or if the customer just ordered it on their own?

I have made two different product codes in the pos for example one would be chsstk and the other uschst. The kitchen sees cheese sticks either way, the customer sees cheese sticks eiher way but when i run the production report it shows which is an up sell (uschst) and which is a customer request. I also have my security cameras in place to prevent cheating.

How does a camera prevent cheating? Surely it can’t tell if the customer on the phone asked for a breadstick or if they were upsold the breadstick, can it?

The cameras do have an audio feed.