Summer heat from November

Summer heading in Australia.
Sometimes its toohot and harder for the staff to work bear oven
We fo have two exhaust fans one air con
But air con is near door so seems not working
Any suggestions how you set up for summer.

We have two of these and we love them. We have the exhaust fans pointing towards the triple stacked ovens so we don’t even notice the heat they emit. They only work for the station they’re pointed at but they blow hard and cold. They’re incredibly satisfying and have become indispensable in our operation. They have larger units with exhaust hoses that can be expanded to rise into your hood. They also have straight up portable air conditioners (you need to have an exhaust line for those as well though)

Are you sure you are not pulling to much air out of your restaurant with two hoods. The easiest nonprofessional way to find out, is to make sure all doors and windows are closed and then open a door slighty and feel how much of a breeze it produces. If you feel a breeze, you have negitive air pressure inside your restaurant.
Air should blow out of your restaurant when the door is opened.
That was my experience. My hvac guy slowed my exhaust fan down and it made a big differance in keeping my restaurant cooler

I’ve had my guy slow my exhaust fan down, it helped. I am looking into adding A/C to my make-up aire unit to lower the temp of the air I draw in.


Wes Kronberg