Summer Specials

School’s out, families are on the road and the temperature is hotter than a fresh pizza. Have you thought of offering discounts for this special time of year? Summer is a good time for a drink offer: buy one, get one free. Italian ices are now available in every flavor imaginable. What marketing tips can you suggest to make sure summer isn’t a bummer?

For what it’s worth, I saw a coffee shop team up with the local public library to offer a free cup of coffee for those who joined the smmer reading club at the library.
I thought that was a good idea. I joined and went to the coffe shop, got a cup of coffee for n/c and spent about $15 with them.


I promo my BBQ chicken pizza for the summer. I have also teamed up with the local radio station (just got a station in Lacombe! Anr the “sunny” crew hands out their stickers with my coupons on the back. I am also offering a summer beach party promo geared to businesses that want to reward their staff or want to throw a staff party. It includes food, drinks, 4 hours of me and my boat and all the skis boarde tubes etc. This way I not only get to play in the water but also I can write off part of my boat as an expense. If only the summer was 6 months long. lol

You know we’re lucky to have 2 months of summer. Around here we say there are 2 seasons Winter and Road Repair. lol

You got that right, but it didnt stop me from adding a patio this summer! I guess I must be a bit crazy to add more seats when staff are so hard to find, oh well whatever keeps them coming in the door lol