Summertime Bugs in The Restaurant??

How does anyone handle bugs that come into the restaurant. We have had some minor problems with ants, and a couple of incidents with some other bugs. It’s never been a problem in the kitchen or the dining room, just the back room and then we spray and kill them. I would love to eliminate the thought of them getting to the dining room, but not sure how. Does anybody use a pest control company?

You should definitely have regular pest control treatments. We have it done every month. It’s only 27 bucks.

Try to get them to come early morning or during your downtime. Our guy used to come right during our lunch rush. You’ll end up explaining to every customer “no, it’s just preventative” when they see the truck parked in your lot.

I have a problem with flies. I had one of my employees tell me about a solution being practiced in the northwest. They hang ziplock bags with water over the doorway. Apparently, the flies view this as a waterfall and won’t cross, therefore keeping them out of the store. Has anyone heard of this practice and does it work?



I have heard of it but would be afraid to try it, what if it fell or broke and dumped on someones head! :twisted:

You could install a small fan to keep them from coming in.

One year we had them really bad and hung fly strips in the back at night just to try and get some…we would take them down during the day. Became expensive because we pitched them everyday but it was effective.

As for the other pests we use orkin they come every month in the morning. 41 bucks a month but no problems.

At our 2nd location the health department required us to have a monthly service contract with a pest control company…odd but we would have anyway.


I’m going to try this out tonight and report back in a week (If I remember). I’ll probably use a vacuum sealed bag, though. I have heard numerous people in GA talk about it . . so why not.

We have had success with the bug light/trap things that use fly paper and a black light. We use a wall sconce model that is very unobtrusive, and pretty effective. Change the glueboard out when the flies can walk on the carcasses without sticking :slight_smile: I paid about $90 for the light and about $2 apiece for the glueboards that remind me of a Romulan Bird of Prey. We really replace about every three to four weeks.

We could always get one of those bug zappers…free light show with a purchase of a large pizza. :lol:

I apologize for my remarks…procrastinating paying bills and trying to liven up my day. Oh yeah… and not to mention I go on a mini vacation tomorrow! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

a mini- what? Please explain to me the definition of that “V” word.

I can’t seem to find the V word in my Independant Pizzeria Owners Manual. Did the publisher leave out a page?

Page 99710 of the “What the he** was I thinking when I decided to open a pizza place!”

Vacation- A lame attempt by an owner or manager to have a normal life. Usually consists of four days (3 if you don’t count drive time), one which they are closed. Often requires two cell phones, all night drive to destination and twelve hour discussion both ways with business partner(spouse) on how they have been doing since the last time they spoke (a year or two ago). After that 5 or ten minute discussion on life outside of work topics turn to new business ideas, strategies, remorse and ways to get out of the business. Finally upon return if the buildings are still standing the whole thing was a success!

Man do we have it good. To think some people go to Mexico or Europe.

yeah I have 1 of those lights made by vector works great just looks nasty when changing will have like 200 bugs on the damn thing Yuk!

He He Hah Ha Ha …lying on back gasping for breath:-) LOL

Unless you are selling the bags of water… they look TACKY and they do nothing but give a fly a place to land to entertain themselves with their own reflections. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle to be precise and I saw some of those “home baked” fly “retarders”. The only thing retarded about it was the person that actually thought that a fly gives a crap about a bag of water.

There was a revolution involving milk jugs around the yard filled with water to keep the neighborhood dogs from coming in to violate your grass around Seattle too. I had a picture of a pile of dog poo right next to a milk jug hung on my wall for awhile to show how gullible people really are:-)

Maybe you could put a few bags up with food coloring in them and then explain that you are getting in touch with your “Inner Hippy”. :lol:

Colley Reed
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I feel sometime I am fighting a loosing battle

Hello everyone,

Here is my pest control experience.

Never hired professional services.

For flies, purchased a small timed dispencer with two cans of spray. suppose to be non poison, hamonic stuff. it works. no more flies. got it from a supply catalog. cost about $90.

Had a serious problem with cacroches, got a Cobat brand anti roch paste. comes in syringe type tube applicater. applied once. four years and I haven’t seen a single cacroch.

For ants, I buy a gallon of ‘Complete defence system’ a gallon of pesticide complete with spray system(nozzle). Sam’s club got’em or Home depot always has it. do it twce a year, IT WORKS.

We are required by health code to have an exterminator contract. In addition, I supplement his monthly spritz with some “Maximum Force” roach bait gel, and some liquid material called “Orthene”. It smells like a squirrel fermented in the sun for three weeks, but that smell goes away after 20 minutes or so. We were losing the roach battle our first summer then 2 weeks after our supplementary regiment, we won the war and only see the occasional American cockroach coming in seeking water.

Flys . . . we use the sticky lights, keep the screen doors closed, and pray a lot. Turns out that the Orthene will gets the flies as well if we spray it all over the floors and garbage cans as well as the baseboards.

Do check your garbage outside. You may want to put out some lime in the dumpsters when they get emptied. It will kill larvae and discourage rodents for a short while as well.

For crawling bugs, just lay down some Borax along all walls. Sweep it up the nxt day. Do this 3-4 nights straight and you will have no more roach/ant problems. For flying bugs, I’ve yet to find an answer. try dealing with the Florida “love bugs” every fall and spring. There’s no stopping them as they flock to my white vinyl covdered windows.

borax is illegal to use as a pesticide in USA I thought, I know it cant be used as a food additive like it is in caviar. These substances are toxic to all cells, and have a slow excretion rate through the kidneys. Kidney toxicity is the greatest, with liver fatty degeneration, cerebral edema, and gastroenteritis. it is extremely fatal to infants. 0.1 to 0.5g/kg is a fatal dose.
The biggest key to keeping most pests away is cleaning. 90% of bug infestations is because of unclean living or work conditions. Worked as the Orkin man in a past life.
I remember going into peoples house and they would have dirty cloths in the corner and dirty dishes all over the place and wonder why they had roaches and ants.
Its been 15 years since i was the orkin man but am pretty sure borax is the illegal white powder I am thinking of.

We had an issue with ants and we had the professionals come in and spray the exterior of our builiding but in accordance of our Health Inspector. Its important to review the conditions of your code when it comes down to this. Also, June bugs fly right on in at night and can be there to greet you in the AM. NOT FUN.


Absolutely it works…we use it on our deck/patio. The flies actualy scare themselves and will not cross. Us folks in the south do it!!

I can’t help but think that this is some kind of practical pmq joke. I laugh when I picture people putting ziplock bags with water in them over doorways. Just seems funny to me.

When I was growing up our local radio station did a practical joke and told people that the phone company was going to be ‘cleaning out the phone lines’ all day and that everyone should wrap both ends of the phone in a plastic bag and tie it off with a rubber band. This way when they ‘blow the dust through the lines’ it’d be contained in the bags. lol You’d be surprised how many people did it. Entire businesses had their phones covered in plastic bags that day.

no it really works…no joke. We don’t put them over our doors though, just around our deck/patio