Sunday Business?

For those of you that are open on Sundays… Is it a strong revenus day? Do you open dinner only or dinner and lunch?

Sundays are almost always our 3rd busiest day behind Friday and Saturday. We are open all day.

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Sunday is our third busiest day as well. During football season it’s our second behind Friday.

Sundays are usually busiest or 2nd busiest day of week for me.

3rd busiest or sometimes a tie with Thurs. for 3rd

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Sunday is my second or third busiest day. I close on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Sunday is very busy sometimes but on average it’s the 3rd busiest day.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Thurs, Wed, Mon and Tues are even

We do specials on Sun, Mon, Tues only

Sunday we do two large one toppings for $20.23, sells amazing during football. (Assuming our team is winning lol)

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Good to know we are the same boat…


In order of revenue days

Saturday and Sunday flip flop often as my 2nd busiest days. I am open 11am to 9pm sat. and 11am to 8pm sunday.