Sunday Emergency Dough.....Help!

ran out of flour today (SAT) and will not have any for Monday lunch. I currently use high gluten (All Trumps or Ballissimo)

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations if I use all purpose flour from walmart. It will not be high gluten, but is there anything I can do to it to get it similar to my product?

any help is appreciated, I am planning on going in tomorrow, Sunday (were closed) and make a batch


I don’t know if they sell vital wheat gluten or gluten powder but if you can find that, you can add it to all purpose flour to up the protein content to All-Trumps level.

Here is what Tom said in another post:

"If you go the gluten route, keep in mind that for every 1% gluten that you add to the flour, you will increase the protein content by approximately 0.6%, hence, if you had a flour with 10% protein content, you would need to add 5% gluten to it to increase the total protein content of the flour to 13%, plus, remember to add additional water to the dough formula at the rate of 1.5 times the weight of added gluten, so, if you were to add 5% gluten, you would also need to add about 7.5% additional water.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor "

I believe All Trumps is 14.2%. All Purpose flour is going to be 10-11.5%. Do the math as Tom directs. If you can get Bread flour, that is supposed to be around 11 to 13%.

Good luck.