Sunday Is My 10th Anniversary

Here are a few things I have learned in the 10 years I have been open. In no particular order.

We all will pay a “Fools Tax” at some point. Learn from it and carry on.

When it comes to equipment put wheels on everything you can. It makes the deep cleaning of the store much easier.

If you bend the rules even one time, be it for the staff or a customer, you have effectively changed the rules. You will be held to the new rules.

When you give a raise it should be for how staff is currently doing the job and not as a carrot to get them to do a better job. It won’t happen.

Your food service vender is not always the cheapest and best place to purchase the items you require.

You must be aware of your costs at all times. Missing an increase in the cost of supplies can be a hard hit to the bottom line.

Don’t be affraid to raise your prices when your costs go up. Customers will notice but for the most part they will accept the increase without too many complaints.

Take time to network with people in you community. It is easier to spend money in a place where you know the owner.

Make time to go to food shows. There is a wealth of information that is shared by venders as well as other owners.

Success will follow when you work hard and be nice to people.

great list!!! thanks for the info! they are gems!

Congratulations on such a great accomplishment and for sharing what you have learned. Walter

Congrats on your success. 10 yrs is quite impressive. I’m going on 3 yrs in May, having more fun then ever. I hope you enjoy 10 more

26 years now. Most of our people were not even born when we started.

Congratulations and thanks for the tips!

Way to go Richard…May the next 10 or 20 be as successful…

Congrats! Great List!

Great job Richard !!! i really like the last one,Work hard and be nice to people !!!