Anyone not delivering closed on Sundays and what are your thoughts on this? I could see delivery being decent with football and all but otherwise?

We don’t deliver. Our Sundays are roughly the same as Thursdays, tho not much happens until 1pm - after church lets out - and business dies off about an hour earlier than normal at night.

John I think your first step is too put together a business plan as to what type of operation you are looking at. There are 1000’s of variables in any restaurant that can only be answered when you decide which route you are looking to take. Asking questions is always a good thing to get the feeling of what works and what does not but you need to take a look at where you want to be located and what the actual customer base will be. Your customers might dictate more to your set hours and menu than you do. Every operation is very unique and you need to answer to yourself what you want to be and go from there. Having that answered will help all the very knowledgeable people here on the TT give you the best advice than can.

Sundays are all over the map of me. The weather, sports on TV, or any number of other things play a part in the drama. Tonight for example I am just over 2 hours in and have surpassed any of the first 3 days last week. The temperature is 15* below zero and it is snowing.

Sundays are our 3rd biggest night and sales are increasing. Used to fluctuate between Thursday and Sunday but now Sundays are by far the better of the two. Sales are now what we were doing on Saturdays a couple of years ago.
Like Mondays we have to open Sundays due to our high rent and utilitie rates.

Similar on both fronts here. And we do deliver.

It seems pretty standard for daily sales to go (busiest to slowest) Friday-Saturday-Sunday or Thursday-Wednesday-Tuesdsay-Monday

sundays have been the wildcard of the week, we normally do close to 2k on sunday

however for somereason we are noramally over 1000 at 5pm, and the rest of the night is slow. most week days we are at like 500 at 5pm and finish about 1500 or so. its strange how sundays are.

Nope. I’m also an Ordained minister so Sunday is just another work day at “my other job”. Even if life was different I don’t think I’d be open on a Sunday. Family has to enter into the picture sometime, as well as that well-deserved day of R-E-S-T.

Sunday is #3 day of the week for us. We are open 7 days.

I get my days off by having managers I trust so I do not have to be there just because the store is open.