Super Bowl and Valentine's specials ! ?

What are ya’ll doing for super bowl and valentine specials ?

For super bowl, I am doing “buy 2 20” pizzas, get a large pizza free", feeds 10 to 12 adults ! my 20" pizzas are $17 to $25, 14" large $9 to $13

For Valentine’s, a 12" heart shaped pizza and a box of chocolates(my cost $1) $12. I am looking for a heart shaped pizza box. Maybe I will tie on the small box of chocolates with a ribbon.
Anyone else done anything like this before ?


Re: Super Bowl and Valentine’s specials

Full sheet pizza and 3 orders of wings $ 29.99
full sheet is 24 slices and wings are 10 to an order

the other special we do is an XL (12 slice round) and 1 order wings $ 15.99

gotta package those wings!

Re: Super Bowl and Valentine’s specials

We’ve had really stong response to a superbowl party giveaway. We started about a week ago and every time a customer orders, they get another entry. The giveaway is 2 XXL (20") with unlimited toppings, 30 wings and 2 2 liters.

Our specials for superbowl sunday are for XLs and wings and we’re doing add-on wings for 50¢ each.

Re: Super Bowl and Valentine’s specials

I don’t do any specials for Super Bowl besides my every day ones. I already get more business on Super Bowl Sunday than I can handle. If I run some discounted specials for Sunday: (a) I will lose $ on each order and (B) I will most likely get more volume than my shop would ever be able to handle. Last year I did 7x the amount of business for a normal Sunday and it was very hard to keep up. The biggest challenge with Super Bowl Sunday is that all of the customers’ orders are for the same time. What are of you guys do to prepare for the “Super Bowl rush”? I precook my wings and then flash fry them for a few seconds to warm them up. I also sauce and cheese as many pizzas that I have room for ahead of time. Has anyone tried par baking the pizzas ahead of time?

Re: Super Bowl and Valentine’s specials

For Valentines Day Week, we are doing Pasta Amore for $19.99
This includes 2 dinners with salad/bread and 1 dessert.

The choices are:
Chicken Parm, Meatball or Hot Sausage Casserole
Cheese Rav or Fett with Shrimp Sauce
Pasta with Homemade Marinara Sauce

The ad hit the papers today and we already had people saying they are excited about it!!!