Super bowl coming again....

What do you guys do?

Go bananas for three hours then sit around bored…

We offer a special each year that includes a lot of pizza. Sales are usually like a normal Sunday but all in three hours.

I have been tempted to open, but since Sunday is “my” day…don’t. I’m thinking we’ll maybe do a Mother’s Day brunch this year though, but remember, we’re full menu.

It starts around 3pm for us and lasts till 6:30. We do about double.

My former employer still gets set for a big day, but it never comes to fruition. Sometimes it’s a little slower than usual. But, that still means non-stop from about 4 till 7 (central time). The delivery times are usually about an hour, with 5 or 6 drivers going. But, he has extras on call, they usually come in and do things like fold boxes and extra cleaning during the rush. The extras are by their choice, they don’t really WANT to deliver, but they will.

It sounds strange, but it works. Dine-in is usually a bit down, only 2 televisions in the whole place.

For me it depends on who is playing and which store I am talking about. My campus store is just plain busy. I have done my record day sales during a super bowl and recorded a 300 pie hour with the largest order being 5 pies.

My other stores are elevated and start earlier but nothing huge - unless the Broncos are in the game then all bets are off.

I typically have all drivers on stafff ready and waiting. 15 in my campus store.

I wont be doing any extra advertising.

Take a vacation this year cause Tebow won’t be bringing them to the Super Bowl.

Funny thing is, if the Broncos were to get there, we would probably see just as much increase in sales here as you will there. Everyone here went from being a Redskins fan when Spurrier was coaching to a Broncos fan with Tebow at the helm. For the extra sales he brings us… Go Tebow, Go Broncos!

We always geared up for a big day and were disappointed. So the one year I said we are going into it as a normal Sunday we got killed and ran out of dough around half time. Since then we make a bit of extra dough and have one extra cook and driver on shift and rest of drivers on call. If we are not bumping by about halfway through the first quarter we call it and send home extra people and tell the on calls that things are not going to happen.


I’m talking with my wife about trying to go up to Indianapolis for the week/weekend Super Bowl week if the Packers make the dance. I’d be all into working for someone who needs an experienced hand . . . would need to earn my keep make the trip. Soooooo . . . anyone in that neighborhood expecting to get bum rushed could PM me and see if we can work out details if you’d like a hand guaranteed to be honest, clean, and dedicated to the shop for the time of the shift . . . unless that shift is DURING the whole game :slight_smile:

I am actually pretty serious.

I’ve got news for you Nick… the shift would certainly be during the game!