super bowl promotions?

any ideas?

I’m doing a wing special. Buy 50 get 20 free…or something like that. I already have great dine-in wing sales on Sundays but, I’d like to tap into the Super Bowl Parties as well…and yes…I will use the words SUPER BOWL in my flyers.

If you have a take and bake pizza, you should be promoting the T&B on the Saturday just before Super bowl Sunday. Don’t waste time waiting for a pizza to be delivered on Super bowl Sunday, buy it on Saturday, and have it anytime you want it in the convenience of your own home. If you don’t have a T&B think about promoting a special U-Bake Superbowl Pizza on that Saturday. This would be a partially baked pizza that your customers would take home and store in the refrigerator until “pizza time”, AKA “Half Time”, or at least late in the second quarter, when the pizza would be placed into a hot oven and finished by the consumer, providing them with a fresh, hot tasty pizza, when they want it. This approach can do a lot to improve the total Super Bowl pizza sales.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

For “take & bake” is there any special packaging required? Do you need to do a vacumm pack or simply put half baked pie in refrigerator over night then place half baked pie in preheated oven (what temperature?) and baked for X minutes (how many minutes)?

Feedback is appreciated

I carry a bakeable tray round 13" I make to the takenbake to order then clear wrap it. You cook it at
425 for about 15minutes. Ask your supplier if they carry those round trays.

pactiv makes a take n bake tray
any worth while pizza supplier will have them
they are relatively cheap as well
they come in black and white

For T&B pizzas all you need to do is to prepare your dough in the normal manner, shape it into a dough skin, if you are doing this just for a special occasion, such as SB Sunday, I would put the dough skin on a piece of parchment paper supported by a pizza circle underneath, then apply a light application of olice oil to the dough, followed by sauce, cheese, and toppings, then stretch or shrink wrap and store in the cooler or a refrigerated display case. Mark “KEEP REFRIGERATED” and provide some baking instructions (you will need to work these out as every dough will be somewhat different. It can be just that straight forward and simple.
I’ve written a number of articles on T&B as a store concept, and that would be a bit different, but still there are a number of operators who have this type of store concept and follow a procedure very similar to what I’ve described here.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I’m going with SB Packages ranging from $22.99 up to $82.99. I’m also encouraging pre-orders with discounts, as long as they order by midnight Feb 2.

I’m keeping it real simple:

2 Large 1-Topping Pizzas, 20 wings, 2 liter $30.97

2 Medium 1-Topping Pizzas, 10 wings, 2 liter $21.98

Just be careful how you word your offer or the NFL Police and Lawyers will be all over you…Do a search on Google for “Superbowl Trademark Use” and you will find some interesting reading…