Super Bowl Quarterbacks Favorite Pizzas??

PMQ wants your help finding out the favorite pizza of Super Bowl quarterback for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady. We have obtained credible intel on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s favorite - Extra-thin crust pepperoni from Domino’s.

Please give us input if anyone has experience selling pizza to Tom “Terrific” Brady and what his favorite pizza is.



And another reason they have zero chance at winning. He always makes bad decisions :slight_smile:

He enjoyed a filet mignon pizza appetizer at Mistrals in Boston. … tom_brady/

I’m glad he didn’t [size=5]“choke”[/size] on that filet. :wink:

I emailed Bob Lobel @ wbz sports. If anyone knows the answer to this, it is him. Additionally, I linked the site and the post so you might get the feedback first.


What Kind of pizza do they serve at Disney Land?..Thats elis favorite…GO GMEN

How’s that crow pizza tasting? :slight_smile:


How’s that crow pizza tasting? :slight_smile:

Are you refering to the new Tiki Barber-Q Crow Pizza ?

I’d think he has had his fill of that by now.