I’m thinking about adding a super hot sauce to my list of wing sauces. Something that I could put a warning on. Would anyone care to share an easy recipe or know if any company’s make these kinda of sauces. ?

Frank’s is genuinely a good sauce. If you want the heat, add spicing to it. Cayenne, some cinammon to add roundness to the flavor, maybe some cumin. More garlic will help, too.

Don’t start over, adapt what you have and use what you have. My opinion, at least.

Let us know what you do!


You can get a concentrated capsicum extract that is upwards on 2-Mil on the Scoville scale
A few drops of that to your normal wing sauce will make it almost inedible. I suggest that you mix this compound under the exhaust hood, and when you coat the wings in it, do it under the hood also.

The product I use is oleoresin based, it causes the heat to sneak up on you slowly but burn for a long time, if you use an aqueous based capsicum product, you’ll get the heat on your tongue instantly and it makes it difficult to taste the actual base sauce.

My last purchase was a 1-gallon container at nearly $300.00,+ shipping
I use 1 teaspoon per gallon of sauce and it brings tears to most people eyes. If you taste the concentrate by itself, you may suffer chemical burns. If you get a drop of this on bare skin, it burns for hours. So please be careful with it

I personally think Franks sucks. The flavor is over powered by vinegar, and it is just a cheap product all around.

If you want to do something unique, go to your local Korean or Japanese supermarket and pick up a product called Tobanjan. Make a mix of 1 part tobanjan, 1 part white vinegar, and 1 part butter.

Be aware that some cheap brands use all together too much salt, so you need to find a better brand if it is too salty.

We use a pure cap. in ours, get it from, check it out. Comes in a 2oz bottle put inside another bottle (pill bottle), we also add crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper. Just a few drops in each made to order of wings

I was thinking more on the lines of a man vs food hot sauce. Something super hot

Very few will order the super hot sauce, especially when warned…so you end up wasting money…

Capsicum extract is not cheap…

Try a basic Sirachi sauce & blend in some ghost peppers, Cumin &/or garlic…

Being hot for hot sake may create interest, but not many takers…

I had a hot wing challenge for a year, in a college town, and no takers…

I won a hot wing challenge in college.

we use Dave’s Insanity Sauce. IT IS SO F#^&$(% Hot