I know its a little early… but what promotions are you thinking about for the big game? I know wings are always a big hit but with the price of them i am just not sure what to do.

We do a big facebook push for superbowl. It starts about a week before. This year we will ask fans to post why they should win a $100 pizza party and get five friends to share their post. We will draw a winner from the posts with five shares and they win a $100 pizza party during the superbowl. We will also draw a 2nd place and they get $50. Started doing this our Superbowl has really jumped. We also tend to pick up a hundred or so new fans.

How do you know on FB if your post was shared ?? I think thats a really good idea, Superbowl Sunday is usually a big day for us as well

At the bottom of your post there is info on “likes” and “shares”.

What we really do for the “drawing” is count how many qualifying entries there are, go to google and find a random number generator and have the random generator pick from a selection of numbers that is 3X the total we have, then we count through the list and repeat until we hit that value and that is the winner.

I like that idea, face book has sucked lately for us though, I am going to do a a few things with a couple colts players (tweeting) and probably try some large package deals as much as I want to try to avoid the wings I feel it will be inevitable.