Anybody else have a disappointing SBS? Sales here were pretty average for a Sunday, the only difference being they all came before kickoff when normally Sunday dinner is much busier than Sunday lunch.

We were staffed properly for the early rush, but business was no where near the past three Superbowls.

Superbowl has never been a huge day for us, but it has usually been good for a 20-30% bump over a normal Sunday.

Same here. Up 20% from last Sunday, nothing special. About exactly the same as last year. This is our 3rd SBS and it is never as good as all the hype about it.

Exact same total as last week. I did not expect anything special so staffed and prepared for a normal Sunday.

Jeez, for some reason I had it in my head that this was supposed to be some insane pizza day for all of us and did a ton of prep work last night and this morning and doubled my evening staff (+ myself). Noob mistake there, but at least I’ll know better next year.

Just got off the phone with my former AM at the wing joint I used to work at, they did about 4K tonight, which is about normal for a SBS at that store. They could do a lot better if they got their collective butts in gear, but the Moroccan owner insists on staffing the place with his friends and never really learned how to use the delayed order function on the POS, so the place is always bedlam with blown and late orders and angry people waiting for their food everywhere. They write all the pre-orders down by hand in a notebook and don’t bother to organize them by when they are supposed to be ready so it’s always a nightmare trying to dig some PO’d customer’s order out of the book and rush it out when they show up to find that their food isn’t ready. I worked for the same chain in Denver, and though SBS was crazy busy, we were organized and had a plan so everything ran smoothly, it was nice working with professionals.

I’m so happy I could actually watch the game today, my first one in 5 years and I sat around my house and baked bagels, it was sweet. I’ve been working at college district shops when the big game came around, so the game has always been an all hands event at my stores.

we had a great superbowl sunday 3 times the normal take for a sunday which is right around what we always do for the superbowl

We also had a great Sunday it was almost as busy as our Saturday night. Our dine-in lunch rush was extreme although it died down by 4 but our carry-out was bust up until 6:30 with mostly pizza and wing combos going out. Luckily I staffed an extra phone and oven person.

We were maybe 10% over normal Sunday sales but about 30% off typical Super Bowl sales. We had a down SB 4 years ago too. Can’t explain why. I do think Domino’s over hypes the Superbowl being a big pizza day. They always send out PR around Halloween, night before Thanksgiving, and Superbowl to tell everyone how busy they are. It must work for them!

We had a great Superbowl Sunday. Surprisingly everything ran smooth at both shops. Only the 2nd time in 9 years that this was there wasn’t complete chaos. lol. At one shop sales were up 460% and at the other we had a 300% increase. The best part is that no orders were late and no canceled orders.

Good thing I was closed, I only had 3 missed calls lol.

It weren’t no Halloween here, fer sure.

The rush just came early for this PJ. No real bump in sales. A bit higher than a normal Sunday but not what they expected.

We were a bit more than 50% up over a normal sunday. No huge rushes like I was expecting, but 4 great cours from 5-9.

Same here in ohio nothing special! we actually were the same as the last 5 sundays and down from last years SB sales. The real funny thing is we are the ONLY joint open on sundays , also my sales were up 40% on Friday and Saturday. SB has never been huge (4 years now). and the closest big chain is 35 minutes drive and don’t deliver to this area.

Sales were very good on sb sunday but they are always good on that day. Here in Steelers country we love our football

Our Sunday’s have not been very consistent lately but we were up 20 to 40% compared to our high and low recent Sundays. Scheduled three extra people to come in early at 2:30. Sent one home just before the game started and another during the first quarter. Except for a few pre-orders before the game, nothing really happened until halftime. Then we got hit big all at once. It wasn’t long, but it was all big orders which added up.

This is my 2nd SBS with our PJ.

I didn’t work last night because I had to have an injection in my back today…OUCH.

BUT, sales were average for a Friday night (yes, I realize this was Sunday, but we basically copied our Friday night sales), but not what you would expect for SBS.

The reason here is because when the weather gets above 60, people want tailgater food rather than pizza.

Last SBS…DEAD as all get out, because we had temps in the mid 70’s for the first time in months.

Our SB was great! I advertised a special deal for about two weeks prior to SBS and had a big ad in the paper Saturday and Sunday and it paid off big. We doubled our average Sunday, in addition to a weekend that was unusually busy for this time of year.

Hmmm… taking notes for next year. I did no promtion for SBS this year, and that was probably my problem.

I didn’t run a special and my sales went down 10% but my profit was the same as last year because I didn’t discount. Less work for the same $.

I think I’ll take this mentality into next year. Papa John’s and another small chain (with sub par food) had full page ads in the paper that included 50% off all pizzas. Plus, another shop (who actually makes good pizzas but didn’t seem to do as deep of discounts) ran a full page ad too. Considering the expense of advertising for SBS, plus extra staff, etc. I think next year I’ll enjoy the game at home with my family and some grillin’ and let everyone else fight it out.