Supercharged and finally upgraded . . . ovens that is

I have finally fired up the BP602 stack that I bought last fall. I have them firing right now to be at full heat for tonight’s shift. One will be put into service tonight, and the 2nd will come online when the replacement stone is received and installed. This marks and new page in our history . . . the 1st 5 years on a Blodgett 981 we made a huge impression and branding in the marketplace. I find it hard to imagine what we can do with actal pizza ovens and a MUCH faster throughput on peak hours.

We have yet to bake the first pie on this deck, so we will be feeling our way a little bit. Gonna be a wild ride this week . . . but I already feel more ‘legiimate’ by getting away from the bakery oven.

It is a behemoth of an oven stack. It dwarfs the 981, and I cannot see over the top of it :shock: (it’s on wheels). I can hardly wait to burn our 1st pie tonight :slight_smile:

Congrats on the new oven!

What do you think of Marshall ps536’s… i don’t want to hijack your thread but you seem to know a lot about ovens.
the place i may be buying has a triple stack of these

Nick, well at least you remembered to turn this one on!

Hope it performs and exceeds all your expectations!

I remember those days with my 981’s , I wished sometimes I could build a fire inside so they would cook faster.
Had a double stack for 6 years, then I bought Y802’s, hardly every need more oven space. I never turned my 981’s off in 6 years, I was never happier the day I shut them off to switch ovens. Best of luck with the 602’s. What

Won’t be long until we hear about you becoming a “real” pizza maker and rolling your own dough :lol:

You asked where have I been … I’M BACK !!! :smiley: :wink:


Congrats Nick! I share your excitement, almost. I finally got my oven purchased this past weekend so I now own an oven, mixer, make table, and a truck load of “smalls”. All I seem to lack is a shop to set them all to work in!! It’ll come.

I’m trying to route my “driving the folks home from Florida” trip into a slight detour so I can stop in and say “howdy”.

It’ll take me some time settling into the ovens and POS processes before getting into buying a mixer, Dave. Thanks for picking at that wound, though :frowning:

I LOVE the bake I got on the pizzas yesterday! Our pies were good before, but the abject crispiness of the crust last night was unimaginable before. No spinning, though we still start on screens. Bake-deck-serve. We got a couple hand burns here and there getting used to the angles and oven doors, but they will heal. Only burned one pie that w forgot was in oven . . . put label on box and inadvertently moved box.

Thurs/Fri/Sat will be the real test as we fill that deck up and see how many pies we can move without temp dropping significantly. Ordering stone for second deck, and then we will be ready for serious combat. I can only IMAGINE the volume a high efficiency new conveyor wold do. My goodness.