Supermenu POS

Hey everyone,

I will be upgrading my Point of Sale this month, and am looking to see if anyone would be interested in buying my current system, Supermenu POS (

The Package:

1 Thermal POSx Receipt Printer
1 DOT Impact Kitchen Printer
1 POSx Cash Register
2 eMachine Systems (Intel Celeron 2.6GHz, 2GB Ram, 64 Bit OS Windows 7 Home Premium)
2 Supermenu POS Licenses (Use both as POS or 1 as Kitchen Display and 1 as POS)
2 17" Flatscreen Monitors
2 Keyboards
2 Mice

Full disclosure:

When I first received the software, I had plenty of problems. Not necessarily with the software itself, but the company ( in which I had purchased it through. Since then, a lot of updates and changes have been added. The POS is very efficient and simple in order processing, has the ability to set up accounts, send bulk e-mails, text messages etc. Some of the reporting features are, in my opinion, not as functional as they should be but still do the job.

This is not a POS for someone with a high volume operation, but was / is a great starter POS. If someone is interested in it, please let me know.