Suppliers/Distributors in Singapore?

Hi All,

I am interested in setting up a Pizza place in Singapore.

Is there any suppliers that have distributors here?

I would like to have some contacts for equipments and ingredients as to have a better choice and price for my start up.

Thanks in advance.

I just got back from a consulting job at a pizza place in Singapore. What part of the island are you looking to open up in? Are you looking at a del/co or dine in? With S’pore’s economy of the ‘haves’ and ‘have a lots’, you need to be careful of what market you are going into. I really only see expansion potential in one segment in the current economy.

As for suppliers, the local guys can get you just about anything you could imagine. The language barriers are also far less than, for example, China or Japan, as everyone aside from the imported construction workers riding in the backs of trucks speak English. Anything specific you are looking for?

Consulting job? hmmm…someones not doing too well?

I am looking at dine in, but my targeted potential customer should be delivery.

There should be suppliers here in Singapore as Pizza Hut, Dominos and a couple of smaller players are here, but if there is a list of contact, it would make my search easier. Instead of stabbing at the dark. Equipment wise I am looking for items like from a pizza pan to an oven, and ingredients from pizza base to ganishes.