Surprise 'eruptions' in fryer ?!?!?

I have niticed over the last couple years for sure that periodically, and with no real pattern, that there will be an almost geyser-like boiling in our fryer. We can have it quiet period with nothing frying, and then, without warning, it sort of boils up from the bottom like a bad monster movie. It doesn’t over-flow the fryer or anything, just really wierd.

I just figure that mositure dissolved in the oil concentrates somehow and ‘steams’ to bubble up to the top? Make sense, or am I the only one that has a creature living in my 50# fryer? :?

I had exactly the same problem. I’m betting that you have condensation collecting in your hood and running down into the fryer. Pull your filter and check inside the hood for moisture.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor