Surveillance Cameras

Do you use surveillance cameras at your pizzeria? Why or why not? I’m working on a story for PMQ about this topic and would love to get your feedback. Email me at if you would like to be interviewed for this article!

Tracy Morin
Managing editor, PMQ Pizza Magazine

We have been using internet accessible security cameras for years. Currently, we are using GSA cameras at one location and a more basic system for our other location.

We tried using the VHS based systems, however when you add up the times that the tape was eaten and stuck on the inside of the unit…and the lack of quality…the newer DVR based systems are far superior.

Our newest system was purchased through, they were more than helpful to swap out a few cameras that prematurely failed. The system allows me to not only view from home, but I can also save a specific period of recording to my home computer while watching it remotely.

Why do I have them? Big Brother is Watching You! Unfortunately, in any business when you become too complacent about trusting that while I am gone, everyone is motivated to do their job…NOT! Just the simple fact of them knowing that I can watch from anywhere in the world is compelling enough to keep many on their toes. Sure, theft is an issue in any cash based business, but I use mine for managing during the free-time that I might have, I guess it’s not really free time.

I do however have the cameras strategically placed to watch critical areas of the store, and the outside of my store for vandalism. However, I use them for something as simple to see how bad the roads are around my store when we receive a snow storm.

The only draw-back is cost. First, the units from your mass retailers are okay, but in a pinch they do not record at a high enough resolution, or nearly for the amount of time you may need in the rare instance you may take a vacation for a week and need someo the backup to be reviewed. Lastly, the ONLY way for this to really work with ease is by having a Static IP address. A static IP address allowes me to remotely view the cameras without having to call the store and aske what the IP address (our Internet address) for that specific day. You will pay a bit more for a dedicated address but if your have a POS and Cameras…it wake access so much more efficient.

Self install…can be done by anyone with a bit of computer experience. Heck, the second Revention unit was self-installed in and effort to save money…and it works perfectly.

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