Surveillance cameras

have some really low quality cameras setup now hooked up to an optiview dvr appoox nine cameras. Looking to update the cameras to have a better picture, maybe zoom, no tilting. Has anyone installed or updated cameras on their own? Which ones do you recommend for good quality?

The Revo 8 camera system sold at Sams Club is actually pretty good for the price. Comes with a 16 channel DVR so you can add more cameras if you need them.

Systems with cameras that provide really good detail are very expensive.

Hey Registered…is it close to the same thing they sell at Costco? Don’t have a Sam’s club anywhere around here.

I have the Lorex system that Costco sold last year. You can access it from your iPhone or similar device. The picture quality is OK but not like what you would see in a high res camera. Viewing options are either split screen or individual cameras can be selected both live and recorded.

Here is a link to a system I just purchased. 8 Cameras, 500GB DVR, cableing, monitor and remote viewing capability. It was on sale for $799. Cameras don’t zoom remotely, but I can enlarge a part of the picture clear enough to see what denomination a bill is from the camera over the till. It does what I need and the price was right. … epk34s.htm

i am leaning toward this one … ction=push