Survey participation

I am needing to get into my customers (and potential customers) minds to see how they perceive my business. We have owned it for 9 years and the previous owner ran it into the ground. We have tried to overcome the stigma(s) from the past, but still wonder if they remain. I need ideas on how to put together an effective survey…one with confidentiality, yet one that has good participation. Developing the survey would be easy, but implementing it could be a challenge. I would be very open to rewarding any of those that would participate. Any ideas?


The key to implementing an effective survey is to make it visible, and bring attention to it. I would definitely go with a nice looking online survey that they can just type in a URL and go fill out (most people will have access to a computer, and this allows them to do it in the comfort of their home and be done with it).

Perhaps make the URL to this survey print on your receipts, or at the very least put it on the boxes either implemented into the box topper or as a separate piece. Put the questions you want answers to on there, and leave an OPTIONAL field for their name. Also underneath that make sure to have a check field as to whether or not they would like the owner to contact them regarding their feedback (in case there is something bad that needs addressed).

I would offer something like a $25 gas gift card drawing each month for reviews. I stay away from offering free product because that alienates anyone with criticism and I want both good and bad response.

Lastly just make sure that everyone mentions it. Always say, “If you have a few moments please fill out a brief survey about your experience, and you’ll be entered to win a ------.” Then circle and / or point out the URL for the customer.

Good luck!

Is there a local college or university in your area? If so, I know that when I was in business school we were desperately looking for businesses to do surveys with. The professors would write the surveys in conjunction to what the business owner was wanting and us students would be responsible for administering them for a grade. In the end we got experience with surveying a population and the business got information pertaining to their customers.