Surveys and Facebook

I’ve been working on a facebook app for Pizzeria Owners to get feedback from their customers, FB Surveys.

What it does is asks 5 questions which can be open ended or multiply choice, these question can be about anything, from quality to service. I figure 5 questions would be quick and simple, I’ve been in surveys which seamed to never end. This way you don’t lose the attention of your customers. Now this app also captures your customers email address so you can start building your list or build on to it. List building is the best way to promote to one’s customers.

I’m looking for feedback myself as in how you the pizzeria owner could use this to increase sales and interaction with one’s customers. Acting on customer’s feedback is important in the Pizza Industry.
Who ever provides me with the best feedback I’ll install a survey on their page for 60days for free. It will be branded for your Pizzeria, Logo, colors etc.

Check it out at: Click the red demo button.



This is a pretty slick app. Generally, I make opting in optional because I want honest feedback that is protected by anonymity. If they choose to opt-in, that’s great.

People who will complain without anonymity are already doing so. Those who don’t complain just don’t come back - it’s those people I want to get talking!

I like the ability to leave feedback via an app on FB because it keeps negative comments off my wall. I think if the app were labeled (“feedback”) or something obvious so it directed people away from my wall with their negative comments.

Anyway, functionally, the app is great. I won’t comment on the sample questions because I assume they are just that -samples. If I’m wrong, let me know because they are pretty bad questions (if the goal is to get honest feedback).

Thanks for sharing this.

Next Door Pizza

Patrick, Thank you,

There is 2 goals with this app, 1. feedback 2. collect emails (list building)
Being a customer of a business, a re pore should be established and a certain amount of trust is already built should make the customer more at ease in filling out the opt-in. You do have a valid point so on the front page verbiage can be placed to explain how to opt-out.

All the questions are all editable so to target what feedback you are looking for to better improve the owners business.

I have been working on a FB Reviews system that allows you to get feedback from your customers on your site and facebook, you can filter the feedbacks to allow only a certain rating will show. Plus it is setup so Google loves it and so they get picked up by them, helping to push down any lowing ratings.

Again Thanks