Sweat management -- yeah, managing SWEAT!

Okay, we’ve all seen someone who sweats profusely. Well, I’m one of those. I’m always looking for creative techniques to manage the issue. Stress and heat are the two big causes, and combined, they’re a real killer. In the past, I’ve worn ballcaps and such, but I figured someone else might have another option. When I worked in restaurants, I could be found in the walk-in freezer as soon as there was a minute to spare. It really is bad and one of my biggest concerns when it comes to owning a restaurant.

You know, I am a bit of a sweat hog myself. When I worked in the kitchen, I used to keep a handtowel that was soaked (not to the point of dripping) in cold water and keep it tied around my neck. Someone told me it would cool the blood flow through the neck and keep the head and body cooled down a little. I have also seen “body coolers” like this for sale that have some sort of gel in them that stays colder than my “redneck” version…I also spent a lot of spare time in the walk-in too. Another thing one of my kitchen mates swore by was wearing those ankle or footie socks…he said it kept him cooler than high socks.

Thanks Tom. This time around on Hell’s Kitchen, some poor guy also has the same affliction, but he didn’t have restaurant experience. You should have seen Ramsey go off on him when some sweat rolled off his nose into the sauce. :slight_smile: I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy but seriously… talk about bad food handling. Interestingly enough, they also had a young guy (25 or under) who listed his occupation as “pizza maker”. He’s already been kicked off though.