Sweet Sauce Help

Will anyone share their % of sugar in their sweet sauce and if you use a cooked or uncooked sauce? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Background; I do a no cook red salce ( blend of Stanislaus products and spices). I started adding sugar as a percentage of the tomato product weight. I went from 3% all the way up to 10%. Even at 10% sugar I’d lose sweetness as it cools…

My best guess is the sweetness continues to cook off after the pizza is out of the oven?

I’ve started playing around with cooking my main sauce with added sugars but would prefer not to.

Switch to a tomato product with less or no added citric acid.

Thank you, you were 100% correct. I appreciate your help and participation in this community!

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Who doesn’t use citric acid? Any of the stanlislaus products?

Escalon products and some Bellissimo

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