Sweet Sauce

I want to have a sweet sauce, based on our regular sauce. What’s the best sweetening agent? Sugar? Honey? Stevia? (I’m sort of partial to that one… :wink: think about it…)

Not sure I’d go with honey due to the fact that it is a reducing sugar and it cas cause your sauce to scorch more easily around the edges. The acid content of the tomatoes will invert the regular sugar (sucrose) into redicing sugars too, so ditto for that one. This leaves the Stevia. I believe that Stevia is one of the high intensity sweeteners that works in baked goods as it doesn’t heat denature like some of the others. I’ve not used Stevia in this application, but I’m guessing that it should work if applicable to baking applications. Keep us posted on what you find.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

When we were in Rome last summer I made it part of my mission to sample as much pizza as possible. It was one of those dirty little tasks that someone just had to do, besides, it made 2/3 of my trip a business expense.

What I found was a much sweeter sauce on a much thinner pizza than I expected.

For my own personal pizzas, not those sold in our Pub, I will add a couple of teaspoons of sugar to about 3 ounces of our sauce, dribble in maybe a tablespoon of water (we don’t add any to our normal sauce) and then use that to sauce a 12" dough. Yes I suppose there is a bit of extra coloration of some of the exposed sauce, but it doesn’t impart a “burnt” taste at all, I actually like it, to me it’s more authentic than a typical belt baked pizza…if that makes any sense.

for my homegrown sauces I’ve had really good results with brown sugar. I’m also thinking of trying out agave nectar. One of its benefits is supposedly you can use less for the same amount of sweetness from sugar and it is supposed to not spike bloodsugar as much as other sugars. I haven’t check it out yet or verfied those claims that I read on a foodie’s blog.


Actually, for my own taste, I kind of like the burnt effect at the edges. Not for everyone, obviously.

Brown sugar, that sounds great. That’s the kind of sweetness I’ve imagined. The only problem with Stevia is that it’s quite expensive. If it does the trick better than anything else, it would probably be worth it. Quantities probably wouldn’t be that great. Hmm…


Call that guy in the other sweet sauce thread and trade out tomatoes with him :o)

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