Swine flu....sales down?

Just wondering if any of you have gone through a slow down in sales due to the swine flu epidemic sweeping through your area?

In my area there are close to 20% of the kids in school sick with some form of influenza. My sales are down close to 20% also. I am thinking I need a swine flu special. Chicken noodle soup!

Now that our president has declared a national state of emergency over the H1N1 virus, I’m sure you can expect a sales bump as many expect to hunker down and ride out this national epidemic.

This is nothing but a political sideshow, but sadly has been swallowed by a whole lot of gullible people.

pizzachop, you think the H1N1 is just a “political sideshow”? The President’s declaration makes it easier and quicker to vaccinate the population and treat those infected by cutting through some of the red tape.

No one knows how bad this virus will be because it mutates just like the seasonal flu that kills tens of thousands in the U.S. every year. As the vaccine is just now arriving, it must be dispensed quickly to those smart enough to get it. My entire family will be getting it as soon as it is available and after the high risk groups have received theirs.

If you look deeper into the deaths that come from the flu you will find that out of the 62037+ deaths in 2001 only 257 come from influenza. In fact only 18 were confirmed in a lab. The majority of deaths are due to bacterial pneumonia. This is a fact from the Journal of the American Medical Academy . It is also clearly listed on the CDC website.

There are indeed many people all over that are very sick and it will eventually affect the entire country if we dont get ahead of it. The president has made a good move in my opinion. I have never seen something spread this fast have you?

Pizzachop you might see people as gullible because you have not seen first hand the effects of this epidemic. You may change your mind when you do see it.

You get the flu. Your chest gets congested. Bacteria love their new home. You get pneumonia. You die. Yes, you died from pneumonia, but influenza was at the root of it.

http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/disease/us … deaths.htm

What proportion of pneumonia and influenza deaths, respiratory and circulatory deaths and all-cause deaths are attributed to seasonal influenza?

For pneumonia and influenza (P&I) deaths, CDC estimates approximately 8,000 deaths are associated with seasonal flu. This represents 9.8% of (P&I) deaths. For respiratory and circulatory (R&C) deaths, CDC estimates approximately 36,000 deaths are associated with seasonal flu. This represents 3.1% percent of those deaths. For all-cause deaths, CDC estimates that approximately 51,000 deaths are associated with seasonal flu. This represents 2.2% of all deaths.

Yes you can take what you want from their website and really get confused. Kind of like this:

Seasonal flu-related deaths are deaths that occur in people for whom seasonal influenza infection was likely a contributor to the cause of death, but not necessarily the primary cause of death.

The topic is people are sick. Is it affecting your business? Anyone care to comment on that?

It would seem that it would affect dine in but perhaps boost delivery and carryout. May also affect the number of employees that are able to work. Depends on what percentage of the population does not get the vaccine.

But the flu has not really hit hard yet. H1N1 is really beginning to ramp up but influenza seems to spread very quickly when it is cold and dry. So we will find out in a couple of months or so.

Pizzachop you might see people as gullible because you have not seen first hand the effects of this epidemic. You may change your mind when you do see it.

We’ll see. Time will tell…

The Poconos is clean, no sickies here! If it does hit, I plan on a comprehensive Ecolab drivin diatribe about uber cleanliness and have everyone wear masks and and… aw never mind I’ll deal with it if it’s a problem. Actually this falls under Disaster Recovery Plan I believe in some owners business plan. It wouldn’t hurt to have a pre-planned strategy for just about any thing that can go wrong such as someone getting food born illness, a driver killing someone, slip and falls and so on. I have a recovery plan for just about any bad event whether it’s my fault or not, just add this one to my list. :wink:

There is not a doubt that the Swine Flu/H1N1 is impacting the industry. A clean store with employees that include your brand along with gloves, gloves, gloves (not the same one used that just accepted bills) help to secure a customer that might not think twice. I refuse to order out anywhere at this time - I simply will not take the risk.


Do you warn your customers of the risk involved in eating at your establishment?

After just coming out of our winter and having swine flu here in Australia I think there is some level of hysteria been spoken.

Yes we had a few thousand infected here in Western Australia (population 2.1million) and a couple of dozen deaths but it did not threaten the economy at all. Remember also we had this immediately after it was detected in Mexico back in May. Of those who died an extremely high majority (90% +) were listed as having other medical complications and most were before the recent release of the anti swine flu injection.

Yes some people were wearing masks, but very, very few. Medical centre doctors had to wear disposable gowns and masks if they had patients with certain flu like symptoms and these people also had to wear a mask.

But to think that business would decline due to it is ludicrous and bordering on paranoid fantasy.

None of our staff wore masks nor did any of our customers mention that we should or why we weren’t … but we always wear gloves.

The medical fraternity are at odds to whether this virus is bad or just a beat up from the vast array of seasonal viruses that crop up each winter. Every year hundreds of people die from flu related symptoms but if they haven’t been highly published then it just becomes the usual winter death toll that comes and goes each winter. With the anti swine flu protection now available I don’t think there will be the proportionate deaths or infection to what we saw here. We have also embarked on free vaccinations for the whole community but doctors are mainly advising “at risk” people to have it done as priority. I don’t personally know of anyone outside of the “at risk” group who have had the vaccination, even my wife who is just commencing treatment for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma cancer.

Also the economy is now turning for the better so the politicians don’t have to deflect the downturn and their ability to get on top of it to anything else, such as swine flu.


I have not lost focus at all. Anyone here who knows me personally would know this. The fact is that I do not deliver. Alot of people are sick here and do not go out right now. I think it has to be connected that business is down because of the flu. No need for cheap shots. Makes you look bad.

The swine flu IS here in Florida. Our pediatrician said EVERY case of the flu that he has treated so far this season is the swine flu. The expectation is that 25 percent or more of the college students will get it. So far the cases are relatively minor. People are dying but most of the fatalities are “high risk” patients. When people have the flu they will not go out and eat. They may not eat much at all.(except chicken soup) I’m sure this will have some effect on business. I would be most worried about how to handle it when 50-75 percent of your staff gets it. How will you stay open and service your customers? We are overstaffing right now anticipating this possibility.

WTF, are you all kinding? There is nothing going on here, no one is afraid of anything, no one is sick. Is this a Obama joke?

No, we are not kinding.

we had a great weekend, must have been those coupons we were passing out to all the people in line at the walgreen’s waiting for their flu shot.

Porky “guerilla marketing” at work…Great job…

Maybe offer a “swine” pizza with pork sausage, bacon, and ham. Nah. Would probably not work.

maybe the boost in business was just the name…“porky’s pi’s” all those people with the “swine” flu must have felt some connection. “build it and they will come”…