Swine flu....sales down?

you said that because…?

I sold when I understood the ecomomy was in a bad place going down and the market totally saturated in New England. At one time, this business thrived and if done right, continues to do so but so it seems, there are a bunch of careless individuals grasping at straws for any money they can get. Horrible and very dangerous for the consumer, IMO.


What does that even mean?

^^^She got a sickness called “Stinkin Thinkin” from what I can tell. There is always a question of trust when eating out. Most people never even question it. Most people take it for granted that food is prepared properly. If I get sick eating somewhere I know not to eat there again.

Anyone want to place bets on what they will call the flu next year?

If it is like the 60s it will be something like the Hong Kong flu.


Test your knowledge(or in my case, lack of) viruses. Post your score and be honest !

I scored a 54%. :frowning:

I got one more right than you 62%

Jeez I only got a 46% no wonder I am sick all the time…oh wait that is sick in the head probably not caused by a Virus. :lol:

I got 54% too, but I guessed right several times. If not for guessing probably closer to 30%.

There is flu in our area, we have had a couple of employees get sick. One of my drivers went to the doctor and was told he had the flu. He asked if it was swine flu, he was told that they did not test for the specific strain of flu but it must be swine flu because that is what is in the area. I did not think the flu was that big of a deal here until Sunday when I went to church. It is usually standing room only by the time I get there and this week the seats were only about 75% full.

We were a little worried about the driver guy that had the flu since he has severe asthma, now that he has fully recovered I am going to Piggly Wiggly and getting him an “I’m big on the PIG” tee shirt :smiley:

Yipee…92%. What the heck am I doing making pizzas when I could be a doctor? Actually, just got a lot of lucky guesses!

69% and that was guessing the last couple with pictures as no description came up :oops:

Better result than my GP :lol:


62% but most of that was guessing

On a side note, if 45 million (or 1 in 4) adults gets herpes every year, does that mean in 4 years every adult will have it? That figure doesn’t seem right for a disease that you can’t keep getting every year.

46 percent and mostly geusses