swipe at door question

does anyone “only” swipe CC at the door for delivery ? This would make it so the driver would not be handling cash at all making it safer for driver and lessen drivers keeping money.

I never want to limit the customers options on how they give me their money. I just make sure the drivers have limited cash for making change.

I do. And Id never go back

So you don’t take cash?

What are the benefits?

Just reread the question, thought he was saying ‘only’ swipe at the door… meaning he doesnt key in card numbers over the phone. My mistake.
I accept cash on deliveries, but if a customer is paying with CC we swipe at the door

If cell coverage in my area was even remotely usable, i would switch to it. But we have a hard enough time getting voice calls that don’t get dropped.

Square has an offline feature…

I’d love to swipe at the door if I could set it up with my pos system. I can barley get everyone to balance at the end of the day as it is. If I had a third party I’d imagine total chaos. Am I wrong??

Taking cards at the door is the way to go. We’ve been doing so most of the year. Each driver has a wireless hand held credit card machine they take with them. Better rates, no charge backs, the machine prompts for a tip, and the customer signs right on the machine.

I do the exact same thing as Jollypizza does. Never regretted doing it.

What devices are you guys using? I’m really interested in trying this.

How are they tendered in your point of sales system? That’s the part that throws me off… Accepting a credit card on another device when the point of sales system is expecting the card. How does that work? Can anyone share their process?

Tendered on the POS as a cash sale. D javoo Z9 machine.

I do the same as jollypizza too. Cash it out as CASH. Put a marker line through the slip so driver knows this order is expected to be paid with a card. The driver keeps all slips until the end of the night. Then I match up the transactions at the end of the night, it dors add 10 minutes at the end of the night BUT Im not wasting the 30 minutes waiting for the customer to find their card then read it to you over their bad reception cell phone. And I save about $100 mo. Not paying the non-swiped charge percent

We do cards over the phone through a VX805 that we have set up at a workstation terminal specifically for phone-in/delivery orders. Cell coverage is sketchy at best in most of our delivery area.
years ago, I tried to use Square, it was very difficult reconciling multiple tills with it. We take checks in-house, but will not accept checks for delivery

How do you deal with things like parents (at work) ordering for their kids (at home) and other legit situations where the card might not be at the location being delivered to?

Or an office ordering and paying with a card from their boss in another state?

Or a pharm rep ordering for a doctors office?

That does happen, Id consider it a red herring of the pros vs cons. I just do it old style key in the card…maybe once a month. Most of my customers are ‘trained’ on our system now. Every customer thinks it so cool.

What systems do you use at the door deliveries. Currently, I just swipe at the store and it is very time consuming!

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