Switch to Grande Cheese

We have a meeting with the Grande Cheese rep next week. I am not sure what kind of pricing they are going to offer.
We currently us a low moisture whole milk mozz. & provoline mix. We have enough volume (8 stores) to get block market plus cost pricing and are paying $2.63 per pound.

What is your experience with Grande Cheese and would it be worth the increase in cheese cost?

No experience with grande, but our cheese price on Thursday was $2.28/lb. Whole Milk Mozz, block.

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It will be well over $3 a pound for grande. Personally this is my favorite cheese. If I am making a pizza this will be what I want on it. However, and I have used it in the past and considered switching back multiple times. I always blind taste it with regulars against my cheese. Its always about 50/50 with a fair amount not being able to differentiate. Grande has less salty taste than other cheeses. Anyways, at 50/50 its not worth the $.70 premium at least in my midwest market.

Just over a year ago I set out to sell more pizza.

I switched to Grande.

Within a few months we had a marked increase in the amount of pizzas we sell. We are averaging 21 more pizzas sold per day. I am absolutely convinced Grande helped us do that.
The cheese I was using would have weeks where it would burn and wasnt consistent. We haven’t had that problem whatsoever with Grande.

We use Diced Grande East-coast Blend and Diced Part Skim interchangeably.

Grande mozz is the king of melting and stretching well but I have always been underwhelmed by its flavor profile.

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what brand has better flavor?

To preface here all taste is somewhat subjective and regional preferences also exist. Its also completely fine to love Grandes flavor, I am a big fan of some of there other non mozz cheeses, its just there mozz that doesn’t do it for me. We personally use a blended cheese for our pizzas. I am personally a big fan of the flavors that other cheeses can bring to a traditional mozz. To address which brands I think has a better mozz flavor? My supplier has a lot of straight mozz brands that I favor over grande. Some of them are galbani, vantaggio, and burnett. What I like to do is have blind taste tests where I get a largish number of people to try A / B pizzas without them knowing who the cheese is. Works pretty well in general to see what people like. I can always tell which pizza is the grande pizza though, because of the way it melts.

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