switching beverage suppliers

My franchise has decided to switch from Pepsi to Coke and I wanted to see what everyone suggests as far as flavors. We currently sell cans and 2 liters of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt Dew, DR Pepper, Sierra Mist and Orange Crush. I am obviously going to carry Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and whatever orange flavor they carry. What other two flavors would you recommend. Some of my options are Cherry Coke, Root Beer, Mr Pibb, Mello Yellow and Hi C. I’m in a college town so losing Mt Dew and Dr Pepper will be significant.

I would say that you would want to the mellow yello and mr pibb, but rootbeer and red cream soda sell very well for me.

Man Paul, I’m sorry to hear that.

You’re on the right track tho… You basically need to replace all the pepsi ones you had with the coke equivalent (although if an avid mt. dew drinker like myself were ever to be told that mellow yellow is equivalent I think probably would boycott the place forever). Root beer is a pretty big seller among the kids too.

You’ll want Vault to replace the Mt. Dew. Fanta Orange is what we have instead of Orange Crush and it sells pretty well, a lot of people like that it is caffeine free and works well for younger children.

You might be able to keep Dr. Pepper. Both Coke and Pepsi will supply Dr. Pepper in my area. Might be something to look into.

Why do you have to loose Dr. Pepper? We have Coke and sell Dr. Pepper. Many chains do. In & Out, Carl’s Jr are two that come to mind real quick.

I would sure love to understand what took place to bring about this change…

Was service bad?..Were franchisees involved?..Was there a price incentive to make the change?..If so, did all this price incentive make it to the franchisees?..

Some years back a friend that owned a drug store had his greeting card line changed…On the surface there did not seem to be much benefit to the stores…It turned out the franchise company got cruises and extra discounts that were not passed down…Eventually the franchisees found out and extracted their share…

Pepsi lost our business primarily due to poor service, and partially due to price. Despite an 8% price increase this year, if the service had been consistently good at all of our stores, we probably never would have spoken to Coke. Coke came to us offering a significant savings, a national pricing contract, and a 3% annual limit on price increases. I’m not being forced to switch, I just feel that Coke is a better seller in this area than Pepsi. Plus I have always felt like I am supporting Pizza Hut by buying Pepsi products. Even though Pepsi sold Yum Foods, there are still many connections between the two companies. It’s just unfortunate that I’ll lose my second and third best sellers in MT Dew and Dr Pepper. I know as a former Dr Pepper drinker that if I couldn’t buy Dr Pepper, Mr Pibb wasn’t even an option I would consider. I am thinking the same may be true with Mello Yellow or Vault for Mt Dew drinkers.

Why can’t you sell Dr. Pepper anymore?

Dr Pepper is distributed by Pepsi in my area and I will be signing a contract agreeing to sell only Coke soda products in return for the pricing.

You, or an employee, could also spend an hour a week at sams club picking up all the drinks at consistently good prices and you can carry everything under the moon if you want.

I sell most coke AND pepsi products (even in the same cooler mwhaha). This way I’m satisfying all thirsty parties of the beverage spectrum.

Have you seen what I drive? It would probably take a couple trips a day in my Smart car. Even my truck would require multiple trips per week.

We have been Coca Cola customers for 45 years. We have no problem with them at all. They have a good variety of flavors and they have a ton of new products. They are soon to distribute Monster and it is a big seller so we are looking forward to that as well.

Not to mention. Pepsi owns Pizza Hut, so I refuse to sell Pepsi and help their cause. Anyone that chooses to do so, it is up to them , but I never will. Coca Cola doesn’t own any pizza places that I compete with so all is well with us serving Coca Cola to our customers.

Good Luck with your transition to Coke, I am sure things will be fine.


Never knew Dr. Pepper was a regional thing as to who is distributing it.

Not really a good use of time and the variety of products is not worth the floor space required nor the time and energy to maintain an inventory of diverse products. Works for AM/PM though!

Eh, it helps the bottom line and margins. Its also nice to get out once in a while. But obviously its not for everyone!

I actually had to go once to get the initial stock, 50lb bib felt like a 100lbs, I must just be frail but I will leave that for a distributer…

Sort of on this thread, but what are you paying for a bib currently? I notice our local SAMS just went up close to $10 and is now at $61.60 a bib on Coke products, don’t seem to be offering any bibs from Pepsi any longer. I’m a Diet Pepsi addict, though the “diet” part doesn’t seem to be working for me…so we’re a Pepsi product shop unless they get stupid.

My current prices from Coke:
5G BIB = $53.80
2.5B BIB = 27.98

I think Sam’s is around $7-$10 more at the one I go to.

Also, when Coke offers to give you free cups…pass and go get your own 20oz cups. Theirs are 32oz and will have you pouring out a lot of wasted beverages. After I realized the true reason they were giving me free cups and switched to a smaller size, my consumption went down an easy 25%, maybe more.