Switching Cheese

We just switched cheese, was using Lite smoke prov & 3%, we blend our own. Was paying 3.17 per lb, my one supplier who is located just down the street from me came in with a sample of Belmont 3% & 2% I tried and ended up switching, quality was good and price WOW $2.48 per lb WooHoo Im Happy

Listen very carefully to what you customers say…You may love the change but if your customers do not, you may have a problem…

This is my original blend I used 6 yrs ago before switching to the prov & 3% blend so Im thinking customers will not mind at all plus I did a taste test last week with some customers they love it, so Im GOOD togo

I do not think it is as simple as that… Some folks will say they like it just because they do not want hurt your feelings… Others will just go elsewhere and not say anything… Good luck!

A question on transitions such as this. If you are going to make the transition. Is it best to just do a step change, as in cheese A this week, move to cheese B next week.

Or is it best to start blending cheese B in with cheese A in ever increasing proportions over like a 2 month period?

Clearly there are differing views of this as some of the posts above indicate. In my experience, if you are changing cheese types altogether it is certainly something to be careful about. But, as I learned nearly 40 years ago in my first pizza job (OK 36 years ago this August) pizza SAUCE is the most important element in pizza taste (and pizza cheese is the most important element in pizza COST). We have changed our sauce recipe twice in 15 years, both times after extensive taste testing. We were changing for taste not price.

We have switched cheeses many many times in 15 years. We often change once a month or more and certainly change several times each year but we are pretty much always changing between the same type of cheese… i.e. low moisture, part skim mozz. Right now we go back and forth between three different LMPS Mozz cheese from two different suppliers based on price. We have never had even one comment on the subject. I very much doubt our customers notice, especially those that order our typical pizzas which come with 5-7 toppings.

When we have done side by side A-B taste tests on similar cheeses (plain cheese pizza, everything the same except the cheese) we have never found a cheese that garnered a strong majority preference (and that includes Grande). When there have been three or more cheeses in the same test, we have never even had one cheese get a simple majority. We did however, get a solid majority in favor of mozz over cheddar blends when we taste tested that.

With the current six week running drop in cheese prices, I am looking forward to cheese prices coming down well below where they have been pretty much all this year in next month and that is a welcome thing for sure. I expect my price to go below $2.20 by mid June and hopefully the trend will continue. The supplier that gets there first gets the business!

It is just as simple as that, I have had customers with me for 3o yrs and are very out spoken when it comes to me changing anything, trust me when I say my customers speak the truth and not just to spare my feelings.

Yeah you will get those less than 1% who might be first time customers who come in and the following come back and get a different brand name product on the food and can tell and are extremely picky, but like i said thats less than 1% of your customers

And “bodegahwy” is correct on his comments, pizza sauce is the #1 main thing next to your dough. My customers have commented on my sauce, sometimes wanting to know what happened with the flavor of it, we allow our sauce to sit 24-36 hrs before using it, and once in a blue moon my employees will grab the wrong one, that just got made less than 5 hrs ago, HUGH DIFFERENCE in flavor

Meh, I don’t think you have much to worry about. I use LMWM mozzarella, and I’m sure I could switch to any other LMWM and the vast majority of people would never notice the difference… myself included.